About us

From smart Y-Barriers/Dock Fingers to a complete port supplier

We Trade Marine AB has for many years been Sweden's leading Y-boom supplier and we have delivered over 20,000 Y-booms to much satisfied customers. We are now taking the step and broadening the range with complete ports. Our success is based on working consistently with innovative product development where the focus is on the highest quality and functionality. We deliver market-leading products and top-class service.

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We are today part of the Globus International group. A group in production, trade and property management. This also includes: AB Larsson & Kjellberg, which provides forging, welding and machining expertise in complex, large, bulky and heavy constructions. AB Larsson & Kjellberg has also manufactured and repaired fairway buoys for the Swedish Maritime Administration for 25 years. OXIM (Oxelösunds industrimålning AB) which works with surface treatment of steel structures, including the Swedish Maritime Administration's fairway buoys. Globus TT AB, which manufactures and services special lifts with the whole of Sweden as its work area. Globus Förvaltning AB owns, builds and manages properties.