Floating bridges

Floating breakwater

Floating breakwaters are designed for exposed positions. With great stability and bearing capacity and is designed for exposed situations.

Our breakwater has lowered long sides, which increases the pontoon's draft and dead weight. It has high stability and bearing capacity. All in all, a good wave attenuation is created.

The choice of width of the breakwater is determined by your unique conditions, such as stroke length, wave period and wave height, etc. The construction consists of reinforced concrete with a core of cellular plastic, which makes it unsinkable and gives it a very long service life. Increasing the width strengthens the wave-damping effect.

Floating breakwaters have high bearing capacity and a constant freeboard height.

The advantages of a floating breakwater compared to a fixed breakwater are, for example, short construction time, flexibility in that it can be moved. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative as it affects the seabed environment and water flow less than a fixed breakwater. All our breakwaters are prepared for drawing electricity, water and can also be specified according to the customer's wishes.

Connection of floating breakwaters takes place with our connection system, which consists of a wire / rubber connection. The anchoring is done with chain, rope timber, Seaflex or piles.

Options for breakwaters:

Breakwaters can be easily equipped with our accessories such as:

  • Y-bars/Dock fingers, electricity, water, lighting pedestals and bollards, etc.
  • The concrete deck can be patterned with, for example, cobblestones and stone slabs.
  • Tires and sides can be fitted with wood cladding.